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Pensionado Program

Easy & Fast
Minimum Age: Woman 55 and Men 60
You must draw a pension of at least $1,000 per month to qualify
You are not required to buy real estate in Panama to qualify. Foreigners who obtain residency via the Pensionado Program are protected from changes in the law,
You may maintain residency in perpetuity.
Foreigners on Pensionado status are not entitled to apply for Panamanian citizenship but are eligible for many discounts. There are several other types of residency visa’s that have no age limit and qualify for Panamian citizenship after 5 years.

Senior Discounts

Generous Discounts for Seniors

Pensionado Retirement visa discounts:
50% Discount of 50% for entrance to recreation and entertainment activities, such as movies, theaters, sports and other public productions.
Discounts for public transportation:
30% Inter-Urban buses, 30% Trains & Boats
5% discount in air fares in public and private national and foreign Airlines.
Discounts off the regular prices of hotels, motels and pensions:
50% from Monday to Thursday
30% on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
25% discount of food consumed by the individual in all restaurants except for the Fondas (small mom and pop food outlets)
15% discount in fast food chains & outlets.
15% discount in the total cost for services of hospitals and private clinics.
10% discount in pharmacies for those medications obtained with a medical prescription.
20% in consultation fees of general medicine doctors and medical and surgical specialists.
15% for dental services.
15% for optometry
25% for electric and water bills

Health Care

Medical Tourism In Panama
World Class Healthcare at 50% the cost!

Panama’s close ties to the United States allowed Panamanian citizens to become educated and trained in the best U.S. medical universities and hospitals. Many US military doctors stayed in Panama and established practices. Medical Tourism in Panama has been growing with many procedures costing 50%+ less than in the USA. Panama also has a Stem Cell Treatment center affiliated with their US counterpart. (Stem Cell therapy is not approved in the USA at this time)
Some of the premiere hospitals are:
Hospital Nacional – affiliated with Florida’s Kendall Medical Center and the University of Nebraska’s Medical Center.
Hospital Punta Pacifica – the only hospital in all of Latin America affiliated with John Hopkins Medical Center
Centro Medico Paitilla – affiliated with Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic and is a training facility for the American Heart Association.
Hospital San Fernando – affiliated with Tulane University and Miami Children’s Hospital.
Medical insurance is available for a fraction of the cost compared to the USA. (Tricare for Veterans in accepted)

The People of Panama

The Culture of Panama

Americans enjoy a close relationship with the Panama for over a century. (The legal tender is USD.) Panama has a very rich unique culture, influenced by Spain over hundreds of years. Over 95% of the population identify as Christian with 85% being Roman Catholic. The Panama Constitution is secular and protects individual rights including the indigenous tribes..
It is a very conservative society.
There is very low crime and a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy for drugs. If you arrested with a small amount of narcotics, you can be sentenced up to 15 years in prison.
The people are friendly, kind and respectful.
They welcome foreigners.
Social functions, such as lunch or dinner – business or pleasure – men are expected to wear long pants and a shirt with sleeves,
(No shorts, singles or flip-flops!)
Many fine restaurants have a dress code.
Of course, in resort areas, it is more informal.
There are many cultural events and music.
The city is immaculate and the per capita income of the citizens is higher than many countries in Asia. English is widely spoken but if you plan on living in Panama, you should learn some conversational Spanish. It’s not difficult..
Panama is truly 1st Class.