Panama : Getting There

/Panama : Getting There

Panama: Airlines, Cities & Flight Times

Direct Flights to Panama

USA Carriers Based on Non Stop
New York City Copa Airlines & Delta 5 hours
Newark United 5 hours
Miami American & Cop 2.5 - 3 hours
Los Angeles Copa Airlines 6 hours
Housten United 4 hours
Atlanta Delta 4 hours
Orlando Copa Airlines 4 hours
Washington DC Copa Airlines 4 hours
Boston United 5.5 hours
Denver United & Copa Airlines 5 hours
Las Vegas Copa Airlines 6 hours
Chicago United & Copa Airlines 5 hours
Toronto Copa Airlines no direct flights
Montreal Copa Airlines no direct flights
Amsterdam KLM Direct Flights
Madrid Iberia no direct flights
Paris Air France no direct flights
Please Note: Travel Times are based on Non-Stop Flight and subject to departure location
Copa Airlines is the national carrier of Panama and is member of Star Alliance (they work with United Airlines)

Copa Airlines

National Carrier of Panama

Average one-hour connecting time

No customs or immigration in Panama for in-transit passengers

Luggage checked through to your final destination

Copa Clubs available in five cities: Panama, Guatemala, Santo Domingo, San Jose and Medellin

Benefits of Star Alliance, the leading global airlines network

Earn and redeem miles with ConnectMiles when flying with Copa Airlines or any other Star Alliance airline

Best on-time performance airline

in Latin America in 2014 and first semester of 2015 according to FlightStats

One of the youngest fleets in the region

Complimentary on-board services including in-flight entertainment, movies, music, hot meals and beverages, even wine and spirits. (complimentary cocktails, even in Coach!

Treated as a ‘valued customer’

Some business class tickets $2,000