Panama The Singapore of the Americas

The #1 Economy in Latin America
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Saddle River Associates Business in Panama

Looking for opportunities?
Interested in setting-up a business & enjoying a quality lifestyle?
Allow us to share with you the benefits of Panama…
The fastest, most consistent and stable economy in Latin America

How we work

We are in the business of DOING business.
Over the past 10 years, we’ve done deals in Real Estate,
Mining, Hospitality & Finance and we know Panama.
We are positioned to facilitate your business expeditiously
and cost effectively.
We are NOT consultants earning our living by ‘billing hours.’
We are paid based on results – your success is our success..

Business Sectors

Airport, Ports + Logistics & Trade
Banking & Financial Services
Business Process Outsourcing
Energy and Power
Hotels, Casino’s, Restaurants
Internet and Ecommerce
Medical Tourism
Organic Farming
Real Estate & Construction
Tourism (eco-tourism)

Our Vision

Panama: The Singapore of the Americas

Our scope is international but our HQ and focus is in Panama, Only a few hours flight time to the USA, an economy based in USD with English widely spoken and a superb infrastructure, first class services and above all – it’s safe and secure.
Summed up – ‘Value for Money’.
We have created a unique opportunity for discerning investors, offering access to select transactions by leveraging operational and strategic resources. We provide a wide range of services and can be your gateway to emerging markets, saving you precious time and money..

Our Mission

Bridging the Knowledge Gap

Every country has a signature ‘operating system’. Like learning any new operating system, there is a learning curve and often, (depending on the country) this takes time – sometimes years.
We can be your bridge to opportunities in Panama and Latin America. We facilitate two-way capital flows and market integration. If you are seeking to expand your global reach, whether it is products or services, we can save you time and money while minimizing risk. If you are looking for strategic partnerships or considering a safe haven – let’s talk!

Our Values

Our business model is based on success!

Having over 30+ year of experience, successfully building conventional businesses, our approach is conservative and our decisions are reality based. We enjoy a premier international client base with emphasis on ‘execution excellence.’ Our approach is long-term and above all, we value our relationships.
We’re entrepreneurs – Not consultants. We are remunerated based on results -not billing hours!  We’re ‘in’ for the long haul and can help facilitate your business venture.
IF we cannot – we’ll tell you.
We are in the business of ‘Building’ relationships with ‘Success & Integrity’ as our guiding principles.

Our Current Projects

Real Estate, Gold Mining & Finance

Our business interests span the globe but our current projects are focused in Panama.
Our Panama projects are in the: Gold Mining Sector, specialized Real Estate Development. and Finance. . We are currently working on a Green community for USA expats. The world as we know it is changing rapidly and we strongly feel Panama is and will remain a safe and secure haven with many, many benefits